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it's gonna be the end of my two and a half year romance with brisbane and australia. tonight my friends are gonna make me forget my name and tomorrow afternoon i'll be on a plane back home.

this blog will cease to be updated....thanks for listening....elvis has left the building
   posted by rivers at 19:21

the song of the moment is this reggae influenced song "the chariot" by aussie band the cat empire. download it from here.
   posted by rivers at 17:15

big day out was a was the thursday/poison the well gig....while the asians are all trying to dye their hair brown/blonde/whatever, the kids at the latter gig all had dyed black hair, and in black t-shirts of their favorite bands eg Thrice, AFI etc. lesson to be learnt here, stay away from the circle pits, unless pain and broken bones are your kinda thing.

what can i say about big day out? massive jam leading to the venue making me miss the sleepy jackson and the darkness. damn! the mars volta performance was just.......yes...speechless. playing only 3 songs in an hour set, plenty of interludes/jam that flawlessly seam back into the song. cedric bixler was at his best, doing his mic spins and handstands that definitely had the crowd appreciating. strokes performance was rather short, with hardly much interaction with the crowd. metallica played their old hard hitting favorites like for whom the bell tolls, welcome home sanitarium and master of puppets. the flaming lips set was also too short for my liking. opening with 'race for the prize', they then played most of their popular songs from their most recent album 'yoshimi battles the pink robots'. they even managed to sneak in a cover of the white stripes 'seven nation army' which i reckon sounds better that when i saw the white stripes perform it live at livid '03.

all in all, a great way to end my stint in oz and start my (jail)term in sg. yes....welcome home sanitarium!

(btw, i'm gonna miss dashboard confessional's gig here in late feb...dang!)
   posted by rivers at 16:54

big day out this sunday, only got the tickets yesterday. apparently the tickets just sold out today. close call!

the time tables for the bands performing can be found here. but i reckon this will be my timetable.

1145-1230 -> sleepy jackson
1230-1320 -> the darkness
1320-1410 -> the datsuns
1410-1500 -> black eyed peas
1515-1600 -> lostprophets
1700-1745 -> jet
1810-1910 -> the mars volta
1910-2000 -> the strokes
2015-2100 -> metallica
2100-2200 -> the flaming lips

oh yea, also bought a ticket for thursday/poison the well for friday. that should be good too!
   posted by rivers at 16:12

hot chick of the moment....mischa barton from the tv show, the o.c.

   posted by rivers at 12:11

2003 draws to a close and we welcome 2004. i'm not particularly looking forward to 2004, going back to a country where every good rock act is avoiding due to JI, terrorism and whatever. so what is there to look forward to in 2004 for me? being back with my family and playing music with old friends.....

have a good NYE, and remember, why drink and drive, when you can smoke and fly....

"watching the wide world riot and hiding out, i'll be coming home next year..."
- Foo Fighters "Next Year"
   posted by rivers at 17:51

wow....what can happen in a month?

england winning the rugby world cup
man utd losing to chelsea 1-0 in the english premiership
i turned a quarter of a centenarian
i've graduated for the second time
i find out radiohead is coming to oz in april '04 and i won't be here
there is still no world peace
osama and saddam are still nowhere to be found

and oh, singapore has a sewage plant as a tourist attraction

"SINGAPORE, always in search of creative ways to bring in tourist dollars, has unveiled a new attraction - a high-tech plant which makes sewer water potable.

The plant's multi-media visitor centre showcases the city-state's efforts to be more self-reliant in water and has become such a hit that the Government has decided to put it on the tourist map.

The centre welcomed its 100,000th visitor yesterday, just 10 months after its opening, and tour operators now offer it as a must-see for tourists, along with more familiar places such as the Singapore Zoo and Raffles Hotel."

i can just see primary school kids being forced to go to a sewage plant as a school trip. why go to the zoo or sentosa where you can find out where the water you drink comes from?
   posted by rivers at 19:26

all rights reserved all wrongs reversed

listen to

tahiti 80 - puzzle

elliot smith - xo

flaming lips - the soft bulletin

the clash - london calling

at the drive-in - in/casino/out